Is the server online? WEDOS OnLine will answer

Professional Web Hosting, domain and server monitoring…

WEDOS OnLine is also available as a WordPress plugin now.


FREE forever!
0$/month 0$/month with VAT
  • up to 10 monitored services
  • ping, HTTP(S) return code monitoring
  • 1-minute interval
  • e-mail notifications
  • predefined measurement parameters
  • worldwide monitoring
  • 1-month outage log
  • 3-month availability history


1$/month 1.4$/month with VAT
  • All the FREE features, and:
  • complex monitoring of 1 service
  • e-mails, FTP and DNS monitoring
  • SSL certificates and DNSSEC check
  • response rate monitoring
  • HTTP2 monitoring
  • web usability test
  • push notifications
  • priority monitoring
  • 3-month outage log
  • 12-month availability history


4$/month 5.3$/month wth VAT
  • All the PRO features, and:
  • e-mail delivery monitoring
  • data sharing (user accounts)
  • turn off Google Ads campaigns
  • blacklist monitoring
  • domain expiration monitoring
  • safety monitoring
  • white-label reports
  • own status-page
  • phone, SMS, webhook, IM notifications
  • social media updates
  • 12-month outage log
  • 36-month availability history

Reliable Website Monitoring

Quick Set-Up

It takes just 15 seconds to know everything about your site, domain, or server. Free forever.

Detailed Statistics

Detailed statistics are available. You will get automatic notifications with detailed descriptions of errors. Free forever.

False Alarms?

We don't experience those. Each test is verified from multiple locations. We also measure from different continents. Global service with global parameters. Free forever.

Different Monitorings

HTTPS), ping, traceroute, site response rate, server response type, performance test, domain monitoring, certificates, DNS response measurement ... All free now.

Detailed Settings

You can choose detailed individual settings for each monitored service. Monitoring interval, own parametres of mistake evaluation.Free now.

Reducing Support Load

You can create a custom status page to tell your clients about the problem or planned downtime. Price according to variation.

Individual Notification

Decide what is or isn't a mistake. Set how and when you want to be informed. Choose completely individual notification parametres. Free forever.

Shutdown Settings

You can define a shutdown and it will not be counted in the outage statistics. Free forever.

Different Notifications

Notification by mail and push. In the future, Slack, various instant messengers, calls to various external features (webhooks), phone calls and SMS. Multiple user options. Price according to variation.

Safety Control

We look at your applications with a variety of security tests and analyses. We will recommend the solution. Price according to variation.

Performance Monitoring

We will regularly test your site for performance. We will recommend how to speed the site up. Price according to variation.

Performance Tests

We will test the performance tests of your application and recommend what to improve. Price according to variation.

SSL and DNSSEC Guard

We look over your SSL certificate and DNSSEC. Nothing will ever expire anymore. Price according to variation.

Social media

Selected alerts can be automatically posted on social media and inform your customers.
Price according to variation.

Own Status Page

You can create a custom status page to tell your clients about the problem or planned downtime. Price according to variation.

Change Tracking

We'll alert you if the IP adress of your server changes. Price according to variation.

Turning the Ads Off

In the event of an outage, we will disable all Google Ads ad campaigns. Price according to variation.

API + Multi Setting

You can use the API for remote access and bulk setting of multiple services at the same time. Price according to variation.

All the features offered are free during testing!

In future we will offer further individual functions.

We are already able to monitor:

We will soon monitor:

We monitor over  555 000 websites